What I'm working on right now...

Updated: April 10th, 2023, from The Disaster Farm in Spain

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers (who endorsed my book!)

My main objective right now is to simplify what I'm selling and make it easier to buy (hat tip to Hanifah Shah for the, "What are you selling, and how do I buy it?" gem).

I am confusing myself. It's time for my quarterly detox.


  1. Finishing off the updates for my next Ideas into Assets Playbook: The DML Communications Compass: The One Mental Model all Experts Must Master to Become a Confident Content Creator, Client Connector and Thought Leader. This will be the first AI-prompt enabled business book published in print (I think). We are designing it in Canva to test the full process.
  2. Writing (still) my second book in the Short Valuable Series: Stop Selling Books Nobody Buys. It's taken me much longer than anticipated (see top note about complexity). This is the book I am writing with the Second Generation Cohort.
  3. Creating the working outline for my book, codenamed: Dog, Gate, Stick - I don't have a working title yet. I am writing this book with The Alchemists Cohort (3).

Thinking about:

Theory of constraints, always!

Excited about:

Visiting London for the Business Book Awards - my book, Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads is a finalist. We're staying in The Hilton, then I'm off to Birmingham to visit my mom. My client Karen Currier is a finalist too.